About four and a half years ago I set out on a journey. I decided to pursue a long held secret dream of mine, to learn how to draw and become an artist so I could become a Children’s Book Illustrator. It was at the time an impossible dream.

My biggest inspiration was when my third daughter, Cheeksie was born. I felt an irresistible urge to draw her but every time I tried it looked really weird and wrong. So, I started asking myself what it would take to be able to draw her. From there the journey began. I started by learning just the basics. I knew I wanted to focus on figure drawing, the most challenging of all art subjects, because it is the most fascinating to me. I pursued the ‘Van Gogh method’ of study to challenge myself and see if I could teach myself the equivalent of a BFA. Like any new challenge there were moments of insight and great progress, then days, weeks or months of frustration. I had to totally shift the way I looked at the world. Train myself to use an artists eye, work on hand-eye coordination. Master concepts while continually adding new ones.

The ultimate goal is still to become a Children’s Book Illustrator. To write and illustrate my own stories. But in order to do that I learned that the gesture is the heart of all figure drawing. It is what gives a figure emotion, feeling, action. But to get it right requires thousands of gestures. I searched and looked around for a good place to learn about gestures and could not find one. Sure there are sites to practice and YouTube Clips to ‘observe’ gesture drawing, but no real focus. No one stop shop to visit. That is why I decided to pursue that goal on my own.

The goals of this site are to therefore:

  1. Explore gesture drawing in all its beauty, history and potential
  2. Cultivate and broaden my appreciation of gesture as an art form in and of itself
  3. Create a space to share my work as a form of self improvement



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